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Community Recycling Centres

Surrey County Council is planning further changes to the Community Recycling Centres. A public consultation is taking place and the council is inviting comments: Shaping Surrey's Community Recycling Centres.

The consultation period runs until 7th August and you are encouraged to read and comment.

The parish council's response to the proposed changes to the CRCs.

Guildford Local Plan

The latest version of the Guildford Local Plan is now on the Guildford Borough Council website: Guildford Local Plan.

The public consultation period runs from 9th June to 21st July and you are encouraged to read and comment.

The parish council's response to the latest version of the Local Plan.

Single person accommodation available

Caleb Lovejoy almshouses

A one-bedroom, unfurnished, single storey Almshouse cottage is currently vacant, close to Guildford town centre and within walking distance of the station, which may suit a retired person. It includes the use of a garden, shared with three other residents.

Applicants must demonstrate financial need and currently reside in Guildford Borough. The current weekly charge is £191 to include heating, telephone landline rental and Emergency Telecommunication System, water rates and gardening. Housing Benefit available for qualifying applicants.

If you are interested, telephone or email for an application form to:
Lisa Lugt, Administration & Residents’ Liaison Officer, Caleb Lovejoy Almshouses
T: 07391 958876

See the History page for more information about the origins of the Caleb Lovejoy almshouses.

Artington Big Lunch, Sunday 28th May 2017

big lunch

Yet another successful Big Lunch took place on the Royal Oak Field in Littleton. The rain did not dampen spirits and, as you can see from Fiona's photos, a good time was had by all:

Artington Big Lunch 2017.

Thanks once again to Jacqui Stanford and the rest of the organising committee.

Events at Loseley

There is a full programme of events being held at Loseley this year.
More details can be found here.

Website circulation list

If you would like to be notified of parish news by email (via this website) please contact Phil Gorton who will add your name to his email circulation list.
This site now has a link to the latest edition of the Compton News because it often has items that are of interest to Artington parish residents.

Rob Craig's Riff Raff diary notes

Rob is the lengthsman responsible for the St Catherine's stretch of the Godalming Navigation.

Lock Cottage

Riff Raff diary notes November 2017

Riff Raff diary notes October 2017

Riff Raff diary notes September 2017

Riff Raff diary notes July 2017

The parish council's response to Guildford Borough Council revised Local Plan

The parish council has responded to the GBC revised Local Plan, a response that incorporates suggestions contributed by various parish residents. Thanks are due to all those who gave their opinions.

There are two documents: the first comments on the likely effects on the parish of the revised plan and which states the council's various objections, whilst the second questions the basis of the assessed housing need for the borough over the coming years.

APC response to revised Guildford Local Plan

APC comments on the assessment of the borough's housing needs

Gunner Alfred White

More on the Artington parish war memorial

It is likely that many of you are unaware of the parish war memorial that lists those men of Artington who died during the First World War. It is written on parchment and is hanging in St Francis's church, Littleton. Although it says Littleton, those listed lived in various parts of the parish.

The parish clerk received an email from Ralph Hodd who enquired if there was a memorial anywhere that listed his ancestor, Alfred White (pictured here), who served in the Royal Field Artillery.

As a result of the ensuing correspondence about 35 people attended a short service that was held at St Francis's church on Thursday 30th June to commemorate Alfred and the other men listed on the memorial. Mr Hodd was there, as was Mike More Molyneux in his capacity of the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey.

It was good to have such a turn out for the service, which was held on the hundredth anniversary of the eve of the Battle of the Somme where Alfred lost his life.

An account of the event can be found in the Guildford Dragon.

More information and pictures will be put in the History page of this website in due course.

Revised Local Plan

Because of the massive response to its original Local Plan, Guildford Borough Council have published a revised version. GBC will be inviting responses during a six-week consultation period starting, it is anticipated, in June:
Guildford Borough Local Plan

Julian Lyons of the Guildford Society gave a presentation about the revised Local Plan at the recent Annual Parish Meeting. This is a link to the slides that he showed during the talk. They are not so useful without his commentary but, nonetheless, there is plenty of useful information here:
Guildford Society presentation

Rubbish and recycling

Surrey County have made changes to the arrangements for using community recycling centres:

Changes at Surrey's Community Recycling Centres

Bus news

The bus shelter near Loseley East Lodge, the jewel in the crown of the Artington Parish Council property portfolio, recently had one of its glass panels broken. It has now been repaired by a firm based in the parish, P & P Glass of Quadrum Park, who did a swift job at a good price. Thanks is due to our ever helpful county councillor, George Johnson, who has arranged for the cost of repair to be covered by a payment from his Surrey county councillor's Member's Allocation fund. Thanks, George.

Would you like to learn bell ringing?


Compton bell ringers meet at 8.00pm most Tuesday evenings for practice at St Nicholas and they will be more than happy to teach you to ring. Afterwards they go for some liquid replacement therapy at a nearby pub, usually the Good Intent at Puttenham. Ringing is a very sociable activity and there is a strong community of ringers in the local area.

Although bells are rung for Sunday services and special events, it is an activity open to those of any faith or none: there is no expectation to attend church if you do not wish to do so.

If would like to find out more about ringing and what it involves, contact Phil Gorton (01483 420763). If you don't live conveniently close to Compton, there will be a nearby band of ringers who would be delighted to meet you. Have a look at this website for more information:

Airport expansion

Surrey County Councillor George Johnson as written to the parish council about a recent meeting with the Airports Commission. Expansion of either Heathrow or Gatwick is likely to have an effect on the locality so you may wish to read his email and follow the link to the Airports Commission:
  • Email from SCC councillor, George Johnson

  • Dog stealing

    Please note this website about dog stealing. There really are some nasty people out there but fortunately they are greatly outnumbered by the nice ones. Warning from Surrey Police.

    New Pond Road railway bridge

    Following representations from local councils and MPs, Network Rail's plan to rebuild the bridge over the railway has been postponed. See this correspondence between Network Rail and Surrey County Council:
  • Letter from Network Rail and the response from Surrey County Council.

  • Jennie Wisher's Littleton lambs

    Anyone interested in buying produce from Jennie's farm can contact her on 01483 567636 or follow the links below.

  • Drydown Farm Natural Products

  • The future of Mount Browne

    Following recent speculation about the future of the Surrey Police headquarters at Mount Browne, the chairman of the parish council wrote to the estate strategy manager of Surrey Police. Parish residents will doubtless be very interested in her reply:

    "With the many changes over the years in the way policing is delivered and the continued pressure on budgets it is unlikely that the Mount Browne estate will continue to meet our needs as a Headquarters site in the long term in a cost efficient way. The Police and Crime Commissioner is therefore starting to consider what options there might be for an alternative HQ.

    "The Magistrates Court in Woking has become available and is directly adjacent to the police station in Woking which acts predominantly as a second HQ site. One of the options being considered is whether the joint police and magistrates court sites may provide a suitable site on which to develop a new HQ building. The review is in its very early stages and it will be some time before we are in a position to understand whether the development of a new HQ (either at Woking or elsewhere) is financially feasible. Clearly the alternative potential uses for the Mount Browne site if vacated by the police will play into this and as part of our review we will be seeking advice on this aspect.

    "A further consideration that is likely to delay any concrete plans being developed is that it is not clear at the moment the extent to which delivery of our services or our back office functions may in the future be collaborated with Sussex police or other blue light organisations.

    "All in all it is likely to be at least 12 months before we have any clearer idea of the likely prospects for Mount Browne in the long term. There will certainly be no significant changes within the short or medium term. I'm sorry I can't give any more information at present."

    Judy Gavan
    Estate Strategy Manager
    Support Services
    Surrey Police

  • Mount Browne vision statement November 2013

  • Guildford Borough Town Plan consultation
  • The parish council's response (Nov 2015)

  • Potholes and fly tipping

    The best way of getting potholes filled in is to report it online to Surrey County Council. As you can see from their webpage, there are lots of other things you can complain about as well. However, if there is a problem with the Sandy Lane grit bins, tell the parish clerk.

    Clearing up after fly tippers is the responsibility of Guildford Borough Council.

    Speeding and rat-running through Littleton and Sandy Lane


    The Stakescorner Road, Littleton Lane and Sandy Lane route was designated 'Access Only' some years ago because of its unsuitability as a through road. In spite of this restriction, rat-runners continue to use the route as a short cut between the B3000 and A3100, particularly during the early morning and late afternoon. In an effort to combat this problem Artington Parish Council, in conjunction with Guildford Police, carries out regular monitoring exercises to detect drivers contravening the 'Access Only' restriction.

    Artington in common with many other areas suffers from vehicles being driven at excessive speeds. This is particularly a problem on the narrow twisting lanes through Littleton that connect the A3100 and B3000. It is also a problem on parts of the A3100. In an effort to combat the problem Artington has joined with St Catherine's Village Association Community Speed Watch.

    Regular speed watch exercises are carried out along Stakescorner Road and the A3100. The details of offenders were duly supplied to the police and they have written to the registered owners.

    Rat-runners are also contacted and, as a result, the number of vehicles using Littleton and Sandy Lane as a through route has reduced significantly over the last couple of years.

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