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Coronavirus - keep in touch

It's making a lot of changes to our lives, that's for sure. From the parish council perspective, it means that there will be no meetings until further notice, although the councillors will be in touch with each other by email, etc. to maintain continuity.

Anything that is relevant to residents of Artington will be posted on this site unless the clerk doesn't have time to make the updates quickly, in which case news will be sent via email to those on the parish council email circulation list. The list has over 50 contacts and it is a very useful way of sending news quickly around the parish.

If you wish to receive emails about changes to the website and about other parish matters, please let the parish clerk know by sending an email with the subject line 'Keep in Touch' to

It would help the task greatly if you could put your name in the reply as not everyone has an immediately identifiable email address!

Also, if you know of someone who is not the list but might like to be, please suggest that they make contact.

Should you wish to contact the clerk for any other reason, his email address is

Armistice Day commemoration

On Monday 11th November, there was a short commemoration and two minutes silence at the new war memorial outside St Francis Church in Littleton.
A wreath, provided from funds raised at the Artington Big Lunch, was laid by Michael More-Molyneux. Hopefully, this will become an annual event.

Collapse of the Tumbling Bay weir

The recent collapse of the Tumbling Bay weir at Millmead has reduced the level of the River Wey through the parish to something approaching its natural level, something rarely seen since before the construction of the Godalming Navigation in the mid eighteenth century.

The course of the river along the western side of the flood plain between St Catherine's and Millmead Lock is not its natural course; the river originally flowed through the lowest part of the Guildford water meadows along the line of the ditch that still exists. The present line of the waterway was built above the level of the meadows to provide a head of water for the Town Mill and for the fulling mills that once stood by the Tumbling Bay weir. This raised section of river was later incorporated into the navigation that was opened in 1763.

An account of the collapse, with photos and a video of it happening, can be found in the Guildford Dragon, Guildford's online newspaper.

Community Speed Watch

Artington in common with many other areas suffers from vehicles being driven at excessive speeds. This is particularly a problem on the narrow twisting lanes through Littleton that connect the A3100 and B3000. It is also a problem on parts of the A3100.

A rat-running through Littleton survey was carried out on Monday 8th July 2019 between 7.45 a.m. and 9.15 a.m. Of the 59 vehicles recorded passing through Littleton during this time, 24 were rat-runners i.e. just over 40%. It is anticipated that the rat-runners will be written to by Surrey Police advising them that the route from the junction of Stakescorner Road with the B3000 through to the junction of Sandy Lane with the A3100 (The Ship), is an Access Only route.

Rat running training

The Stakescorner Road, Littleton Lane and Sandy Lane route was designated 'Access Only' some years ago because of its unsuitability as a through road. In spite of this restriction, rat-runners continue to use the route as a short cut between the B3000 and A3100, particularly during the early morning and late afternoon. In an effort to combat this problem residents, in conjunction with Guildford Police, wish to carry out regular monitoring exercises to detect drivers contravening the 'Access Only' restriction. Rat-runners are contacted by the police and experience shows that the number of vehicles using Littleton and Sandy Lane as a through route is reduced significantly.

Consequently, volunteers are needed to help with this so email Guy Catchpole or Jennie Wisher if you would like to help to reduce the amount of traffic using the parish lanes.

Rob Craig's Riff Raff diary notes

Rob is the lengthsman responsible for the St Catherine's stretch of the Godalming Navigation.

Picture of Lock Cottage on the River Wey at St Catherine's

Riff Raff diary notes March 2020 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes February 2020 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes December 2019 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes November 2019 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes October 2019 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes September 2019 (pdf)

Riff Raff diary notes August 2019 (pdf)

The Big Lunch - photographs

The Big Lunch took place on Royal Oak Field in front of Littleton Farm House on Sunday 23rd June. The weather was kind and excellent organisation ensured that a good time was had by all.

As usual, our Chief Photographer has posted a selection of images on flickr for you to remind yourselves of the day:

Images of Artington Big Lunch 2019
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There will not be a Big Lunch this year but the organising committee intend to start again in 2021.

The future of Mount Browne

Following several years of speculation about the future of the Surrey Police headquarters at Mount Browne, it has been announced that a site for a new police HQ has been purchased in Leatherhead. When the new headquarters have been completed, the Mount Browne site will be sold. More details can be found on the Surrey Police website

New Artington war memorial

Picture of new war memorial in Littleton

The new war memorial commemorating the men of Artington who died in both world wars has been completed and dedicated. It is built into the wall of St Francis's church in Littleton. It was the parish council that began the project but it was taken on by the Loseley estate that planned and funded the construction of the memorial.

The dedication took place on Tuesday 6th November 2018 and over fifty people attended the event, including the daughter and grandchildren of Ralph Hood whose research was the catalyst for the project (see below). Sadly, Mr Hodd has since died but members of his family were able to be present at the dedication. His grandson, Laurence McCraith, has written an account of his visit that can be read here (pdf).

A wreath from the parish was bought with some of the profit from the Big Lunch.

The names of the men killed in the Great War are listed on a framed list in the church and there are also two who died in the Second World War whose identities were discovered by Vicky Good.

Vicky has researched into the men of Artington who gave their lives in both wars and she has produced a booklet with short biographies of them (pdf).

Vicky is now attempting to find information about all those men and women of the parish who served in the armed forces and Home Guard. The results will appear on this website in due course.

The idea for the memorial came about as the result of an email received by the parish clerk several years ago from Ralph Hodd who enquired if there was a memorial anywhere that listed his ancestor, Alfred White, who served in the Royal Field Artillery. As a result of the ensuing correspondence about 35 people attended a short service that was held at St Francis's church in June 2016 to commemorate Alfred and the other men listed on the memorial.

It seems particularly poignant that Alfred White was a pupil at the village school that was converted to become St Francis church in 1904.

An account of the 2016 event can be found in the Guildford Dragon, Guildford's online newspaper.

Rights of way

During the summer, many of the footpaths in the parish become overgrown and difficult to walk. Surrey County Council, as the highways authority, is responsible for keeping them clear. In these straightened times, the council has no regular path clearing programme, reacting to only to complaints from the public. In deciding what to do about a particular problem, it applies a list of priorities.

It is possible to let them know of Rights of Way problems via the SCC website but don't hold your breath as overgrown footpaths are not top of the list. If sufficient complaints are received about particular routes, perhaps something might be done so don't hold back: Report a problem via the Surrey County Council website

Potholes, salt bins and fly tipping

After years of asking Surrey County Council to repair the potholes along the parish lanes, it happened a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, the holes have re-appeared. It would seem that they have been identified and marked so, hopefully, they will be repaired soon. If you spot any unmarked holes, the best way of getting them filled in is to report it online via the Surrey County Council website . As you can see from their webpage, there are lots of other things you can complain about as well. However, if there is a problem with the Sandy Lane grit bins, email the parish clerk.

Clearing up after fly tippers is the responsibility of Guildford Borough Council.

Would you like to learn bell ringing?

Line drawing of a bell

Compton bell ringers meet at 8.00pm one Tuesday evening a month for practice at St Nicholas and one Tuesday at Puttenham. Afterwards they go for some liquid replacement therapy at a nearby pub, usually the Good Intent at Puttenham. They would be more than happy to teach you to ring. Ringing is a very sociable activity and there is a strong community of ringers in the local area.

Although bells are rung for Sunday services and special events, it is an activity open to those of any faith or none: there is no expectation to attend church if you do not wish to do so.

If would like to find out more about ringing and what it involves, contact Phil Gorton (01483 420763). If you don't live conveniently close to Compton, there will be a nearby band of ringers who would be delighted to meet you. Have a look at the website of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers for more information.

Jennie Wisher's free range lambs.

Jennie's Littleton bred and reared lambs will soon be available. They are cut, packed and labelled to customers' requirements ready, delivered fresh, ready for the freezer. Anyone interested in buying produce that has been reared in the parish can contact her on 01483 567636 or look at Jennie's website:

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